Heartwarming: Bot-Generated T-Shirt On Amazon Foretold Her Death

A woman wearing a white t-shirt that says “Leave the Road Take The Trails”
Photo by Christian Bolt on Unsplash

Amazon is packed with shirts designed by bots. These shirts are meant to draw you in with personal detail. Are you a libra, mother of a nurse, and like to fly fish? There’s a shirt for you. There’s even a whole subreddit dedicated to them!

Do you like Photography, Glass Blowing, and Acupuncture? There might not be a shirt for this yet, but it’s coming. This phenomenon is the natural next step of targeted advertising. Targeted production.

Something special happened for Gary, Indiana resident Heather Shoemaker when she was browsing apparel on the retail giant’s website, one of her favorite lunch break pastimes at work.

“I had just added a shirt that said ‘NEVER underestimate a Navy aunt who was born in July’ to my cart when another one caught my eye in the Recommended section. I knew that shirt was made for me.”

The heather grey (a coincidence?) cotton shirt had the words “You Can Always Trust Book Club Presidents Who Die in a Bus Accident on 10/15/2035”. It goes without saying that the Lake County resident bought the shirt.

“I wear it all the time. I just love it!” writes Shoemaker in her 5-star review on the product page. At the time of writing this article, hers is the only review.

When asked to comment, the Amazon seller responded, “It comes for us all.”



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